Treat Your Face: Your face is supercool

A guy treats his face to a proper shave and a night out on the town! It’s not long before the super cool pair catch the eye of an attractive fellow clubber...

Take your face for granted? You shouldn’t. It’s super cool. It’s your wingman. It’s the first thing people see when they meet you. It’s your shop window. You should be treating it the way it deserves to be treated... like royalty.

Starring comedy king Sam Pamphilon, comedy queen Pippa Duffy... and King of Shaves founder himself, Will King.

Your Face is Super Cool Video Transcript

DAVE: … no, it’s more like “get to the chah-pper”
HEAD: “Get to the chahh-pper”
DAVE: No, like “Aa-“
HEAD: “Aagh-“
DAVE: “Sarah Cah-nnar, get to the chah-pper”
HEAD: No, hang on, that’s not even right…
DAVE: “Consider that a div-awce, Sarah Cah-nnar, get to the chah-pper!”
HEAD: We’ve got to stop. You should quit while you’re ahead.
DAVE: You can talk.
HEAD: No head puns…
DAVE: I’m sorry…
HEAD: You’d never win. I’ve got a head start.
DAVE: Ohh! Doubt it – you’ve got no body to practice with…
HEAD: Oh, you went there…
DAVE: I went there.
HEAD: That is a good one – I should phone everybody and tell them it. Hey, can I borrow your headphones?
DAVE: Yeah, but I don’t think they’d suit you – they’d make your bum-chin look big.
HEAD: Alright, let’s stop, these are terrible.
DAVE: Agreed.
HEAD: So… what was that stuff you put all over me this morning?
DAVE: Right – the SuperCooling gel?
HEAD: Yeah. I liked that. “I like that a lot”.
DAVE: Thought you might.
WILL KING: Just to say those shave gels make a great face wash, too.
DAVE: Alright mate.
WILL KING: #KingOfShaves…
DAVE: Anyway…
DAVE: You deserve it, mate. You’re my buddy, you’re my wingman! You’re super-cool. You’re my number-one guy.
HEAD: Really?
DAVE: Yeah.
HEAD: Aw, thanks.
DAVE: Anyway, talking of ’number ones’… back in two shakes. Or three shakes. Depending-
HEAD: Alright, just go.
DAVE: Yep.
*some pretty sweet beatboxing*
HEAD: Oh, sorry, that seat’s-
LUCY: …taken?
HEAD: Um… no. No, I’m not.
LUCY: Nice. I love puns.
HEAD: Really?
LUCY: Yeah!
HEAD: Do you, now…?
HEAD: Cool. Er – I bet you’re just a pun person to be around.
LUCY: Bags of pun.
HEAD: Hahahaha …’s the same pun.
LUCY: Two heads are better than one.
HEAD: If things go well we could head off together later.
LUCY: Yeah – head to the bar…
DAVE: Ha ha ha…
LUCY: But don’t get legless…
DAVE: Ha ha ha ha
LUCY: Ha ha ha ha

LUCY’S HEAD: Looks like someone’s getting head tonight.

HEAD: Well, let’s put out heads together later.
LUCY: Yeah. Don’t knock heads though…
HEAD: No, I’d kill you.
LUCY: Yes. Flatten me.
HEAD: Yeah. Well no, I wouldn’t flatten you, but you would definitely suffer a severe frontal lobe trauma….

Your face is super cool. Treat it that way.
King of Shaves