Three steps to a great shave...

There are just three steps to a great shave, and it will take just two minutes to read them and your reward will be one smooth and irritation-free face...

Step 1: Before

Lots of foam does not equal a great shave...Whether you are male or female and wherever you are shaving, the general principals are the same – so let’s get started.

Forget everything you know
Lots of lather and foam does not equal a great shave. It sits on top your skin and does nothing to create that all-important layer between skin and razor blade.

We recommend you choose a quality shaving gel, oil or serum and not a soap-based foam that will dry out your skin.

The number of blades on your razor doesn't really matter either. It’s more important that they are clean, sharp and of a decent quality.

Don’t shave as soon as you get up
Have breakfast first. Give your skin a chance to wake up!

Invest a little time preparing your skin
Don’t use ordinary soap because it is usually very drying on the skin and, coupled with shaving, will make your skin tight and uncomfortable.

To cleanse your skin effectively and kindly, use a deep cleansing soap-free face wash and / or scrub. Thoroughly rinse off with warm water.

All this preparation will help soften and lift your bristles ready for shaving.

Step 2: During

Shave in the shower...Shave in the shower, bath or as soon as you get out of either
Dry stubble can have the same tensile strength as copper wire, so the hot, steamy environment of a shower or bath will soften and prepare your bristles.

It takes three or four minutes for stubble to “wet out” properly, making it much easier to shave.

If you prefer the old water-in-a-sink method, wash your face first with plenty of hot water to ensure your facial hair is really soft.

Read the instructions on your preferred shave gel, oil or serum. These products are slightly different and work best if you use them as suggested.

Spend a little time massaging in your chosen shaving product – this will further soften and lift your bristles.

Ensure you have a clean, sharp blade and shave using short strokes
It’s key to shave in the direction of your hairs’ growth. Shaving against the grain is the primary cause of razor burn, redness and rashes.

On your face, this is down your cheeks and chin and upwards on your neck. If you are at all unsure, run your finger across your stubble to see which direction the hair is growing.

Rinse the blade regularly
Rinse the blade thoroughly and frequently in warm, soapy water as you shave, don’t press too hard against your skin and let the blades do the work.

It is essential to rinse to keep the blade clean and prevent clogging.

Step 3: After

Applying a moisturiser will help keep your skin smooth and protected...Rinse thoroughly 
When you have finished shaving, rinse with cool water and pat dry. If using a King of Shaves Shaving Oil, you can just pat your face dry.

Apply a moisturising product
Protect your skin with a moisturiser or face balm. This will leave your skin feeling smooth, supple and soft – not tight and dry. For maximum effectiveness, apply within five minutes of shaving.

Ideally we would recommend using our SPF15 Anti-Ageing Moisturiser, which will protect your skin against the elements.

Don’t apply aftershave
The days of “splash it all over” are long gone. Aftershave is primarily made from alcohol which, like soap, has a drying effect on your skin.

If you still want to wear aftershave or a fragrance, simply apply it to the back of your neck or your wrists.

Make your razor blade last longer
For optimum blade life, after use shake off excess water and allow your blades to air dry before storing.

If you have a KOS 5 Razor you can use the Wall Sucker or Handle Holder / Blade Guard supplied with your razor. When transporting your KOS 5 Razor, insert head into Handle Holder / Blade Guard to help protect the precision blades from damage.