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Is it OK to electric shave?

There is no doubt that electric shaving can be faster and simpler than wet shaving. However, electric shaving is harsher on the...

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I have very heavy stubble and find that shaving with the grain doesn’t give me a close enough shave. What can I do?

Begin by following our guide to a great shave and shaving with the grain – this means shaving in the direction of your hair’s...

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How to shave with a rash or spots

Even if you have spots, shaving rash or irritation you can, with care, continue to shave. Our low foam shaving gels and oils are...

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Your shave gels don’t produce a ‘Father Christmas beard’ of foam... does that mean they don’t work?

Generally it is true to say for most shaving preparations, the more lather a product produces, the more it will dry out your...

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Silky smooth shaving advice for women

Try shaving in the evening Shaving removes dead skin cells and the superficial layer of the epidermis thus reducing your skin’s...

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How to change KOS 5-Blade Razor cartridges

A quick video to show you how to change your KOS 5-Blade Razor cartridges as well as how to use the Blade Guard and Wall Sucker.

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How to change Retro 4 Razor cartridges

A quick video to show you how to change your Retro 4 Razor Cartridges as well as how to use the Wall Sucker.

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How to get all of the product out of a tube

Waste not, want not. We totally believe in this mantra, so in this short video we are happy to share our simple tip to getting...

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Proper pre-shave preparation needs more than just a splash of water

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success” Alexander Graham Bell (the Scottish chap who invented the...

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Shave Gel vs Foam

See clearly – how window washing has influenced your shave routine* I have to confess I have a strange fascination watching a...

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