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Is shave oil good for oily skin?

Using a King of Shaves Shaving Oil will not make your skin oilier. However they will leave your skin feeling smooth and...

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Should I use a shave oil or shave gel?

Well the good news is that both will give you an excellent shave so it’s down to personal choice. If you travel regularly, you...

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How to avoid shaving rash?

Shaving rash is normally caused by friction as the razor blade passes over the skin. It can be further irritated by a harsh or...

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How do I avoid ingrowing hairs?

In-growing hairs can be a real problem. An in-growing hair is one that curls back on itself and grows back under the skin. Some...

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What is the best way to shave my head?

For a great head shave you simply need to follow the same shaving routine described here. If your hair is quite long, invest in a...

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What precautions do I take when trying new shaving and / or skincare products?

We have thoroughly researched and strongly believe in all the products and advice we offer. All our products have been tested on...

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What is the best technique for shaving under your nose?

Shaving under the nose, no matter what razor you use, can be tricky. So we have put together some tips to help you keep your...

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My razor blades seem to be clogging, how do I prevent this?

To help prevent your multi-blade razor from clogging, you first need to ensure you are using a water soluble shaving oil, gel or...

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Do you sell mentholated shaving products?

King of Shaves offers a wide choice of mentholated or unmentholated products for the simple reason many people love the super...

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Does it matter what sort of razor blade I use?

The brand name of the blade is far less important than the state it is in. You will not get a close shave from a blunt blade; you...

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